The Philosophotographer

Blurring the line between the sacred and the profane.


Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

The Philosophotographer was conceived not (just) as a way to showcase my recent work, but also as a way to combine and celebrate my two great passions: cryptozoology and needlepoint. I mean philosophy and photography. The somewhat grandiose title is not a complete misnomer, since I’ve published work in both domains (although considerably more as a photographer, which is my profession), but the blog does not take itself or its subject matter too seriously. It is intended as a casual platform for sharing some of the more interesting philosophical reflections I’ve come across during my mental wanderings, juxtaposed not (just) with images of really, really good looking people, but also with some of my personal work, which tends not to involve people at all. There may not always be an obvious relationship between the words and images that appear on these pages, but rest assured that, somewhere in the deep recesses of my tangled consciousness, a connection does exist. I’ll occasionally add a thought or two of my own, but I promise not to make The Philosophotographer a clearinghouse for my random and desultory cogitations—or for pictures of my adorable cat, Puddles, for that matter.

Enjoy, and come back again soon.

Jeff Mikkelson